In Romania, the force that drives the unique and iconic sound of the country's minimal house production still continues to exist today, resonating cultural passion and a continued focus on attention to detail. For years, the music has been embedded in soothing rhythms, powerful baselines, and signature dub-inspired accents. This led to the widespread use of the term "the Romanian sound" being coined to describe such tracks with this distinct style. Now, a new generation of producers, like Barac Nicolae, continue to keep traditions alive, as well as bring new elements to the table, while still preserving the essence of what makes the Romanian sound its own standalone vibe. Barac's musical path, shaped by his upbringing in Miercurea Ciuc, collaborating with long-time friends within the scene has resulted in a showcase toward his standout ability to bring something new to the sound, garnering much attention in the industry. He has released works on esteemed labels such as Rawax, Meander, and Pressure Traxx, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the minimal house genre and cementing his legacy for years to come. Barac's live sets, as seen in performances at renowned venues like Amore Festival, Sunwaves Festival, and Club Guesthouse, have cemented his notoriety as a visionary selector behind the decks. With a spiritual approach to his productions, Barac's focus goes beyond simply making people dance, as he aims to create an emotional experience for the listener.

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