„In the beginning there was Jack...“ The Audio Werner story begins back in the 1990s – the early days of house & techno music.

In 2004, more than one decade of collecting records, DJing & music production later, Audio Werner & friends launch the record label „Hartchef Discos“ - a platform for their music. What originally started more or less as a best friends ́fun project suddenly turned into a globally recognized record label – Audio Werner ́s music soon found home in well-known DJ ́s record boxes and influenced a whole new generation of DJs and producers.

Since then he has created many as unique as timeless tracks and released on labels like Perlon, Cabinet Records, Circus Company, Hello?!Repeat, Minibar, Galdoors, Finest Hour, ToiToi Musik, Story, Musique Risquée and Hartchef whilst never losing sense of his own influences and delicate approach to the production of electronic dance music.